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You Put The Lime in the Coconut

13 March 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Nutrition

and the lemon in your water?

Not everyone wakes up rested and ready like my friend, songwriter Jen Walton.  What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I used to be a person who  selected the snooze option on my cell phone every morning.  (Like most people,  I use my phone as an alarm clock.) Have you ever noticed that the first option your phone gives is “snooze” rather than “dismiss?” You literally have to go out of your way to wake up at the time you want! I always wonder if phones in other countries do the same thing or if this feature is just for us procrastinating Americans.

Today, the first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water. I heard this at a health and wellness seminar. Sleeping makes you dehydrated and drinking a glass of water will re-hydrate your body as well as flush out your system.  Once I started doing this I immediately noticed I had more energy and  it wakes me up so I don’t need the snooze.  Joanna, my nutritionist, agrees that this is a healthy way to start the day. She says that squeezing some lemon into the water is even better for you. I’ll let her comment below on the reason for that.

2 Comments on “You Put The Lime in the Coconut”

  1. and yes, start wtih juicing half a lemon in your morning water – this helps to balance the acidity inthe body. actually it helps to create an alkaline environment (yes, i know, lemons are acidic! but they become alkaline inside the body. raw apple cider vinegar is similar in this way and can also be used. but for most, lemons are easier to drink than raw apple cider vinegar!).
    and when the body is more alkaline, it works better (in simple terms :) ). the more acidic, the more the body is robbed of nutrients (i.e. leaching calcium and magnesium out of bones and teeth to bring the alkalinity back to normal). so starting off your morning with lemon in your water will do wonders. you will just feel better and you will also be less hungry and less inclined to drink that coffee as you won’t really need it.
    try it – you will be shocked. as was i when i tried it last summer.
    now at some point i’ll have to address how to keep the body alkaline i suppose…


  2. I will try it tomorrow morning