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What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume?

30 March 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Strategic Planning

My favorite Halloween costume had to be the Quaker Oats Man, from my sophomore year of college. As you probably gather from the above photo, a costume this sweet can’t be bought in a Halloween store. Obviously, some planning went into this costume. It is human nature to think of an idea but never follow through because you didn’t know what action step to begin with. 

A concept I originally learned from Keith Cunningham in a business course is the draw down principle.  My main man helping me with the business plan, Paul Landes also uses similar techniques.  In the draw down principle, you take an idea and start writing down the steps that need to be taken to realize it. This also can be applied to goals which will be discussed in a future blog. The first step ends up being something simple but by doing it you begin building momentum. Let’s use the example of my sweeeet Quaker Oats man costume as the end result:

Quaker Oat’s Man Costume> Make the costume with someone’s help> Get the materials> Figure out what materials I need> Discuss costume with person that can help> Ask person to help me with costume> Think of someone who could help with costume

I’m good at thinking of ideas for costumes but I can’t cut or draw a straight line to save my life. Once I came up with the idea for the costume my first action step was simply to think of someone who could help me.  That person ended up being Ben Weisman and with his help we created a costume that sorority girls are still talking about!

Is there something you haven’t started because you don’t know where to begin? Try the draw down principle and feel free to share what your first action step is in the comments section!

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