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Dress For Less and Don’t Look Like a Mess!

19 April 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Budgeting, Style

As you can see from the pictures above, my mom did not think it necessary to dress me up for class pictures. She also did not believe in spending money on clothing. We shopped at “House of Bargains,” a discount clothing store in Philadelphia. We later upgraded to Caldor, a cheaper K-Mart that died back in the 1990′s despite catchy slogans such as “You’ll Never Not Find It at Caldors.”  Had I not attended a laid back Quaker school in Philadelphia, I guarantee I would have been the laughing stock of my elementary school!

My mom’s disapproval of spending money on clothes was passed down to me.  Valarie Stock, my image consultant extraordinaire, took that into account when she took me shopping recently. I warned her that I had only budgeted $100 a month for clothes, and she said it was no problem.  Valarie explained that having a few classic items of clothing will work to extend anyone’s  wardrobe.  When we went discount shopping at Kohl’s, she only picked out items that worked with multiple outfits.  Just to show how good she is at her craft, she found me a $220 suit jacket that was discounted to $22.  I had to spend some money to get it tailored but now I have a high-end jacket that I can wear casually with jeans and will also work with good pants and a tie on formal occasions.

Valarie has taught me to be a smarter shopper.  On that Kohl’s trip we also bought a belt, pair of jeans, shoes and a shirt.  Everything we bought was high quality and had multiple uses.  Valarie’s message is clear.  Take time looking for quality and clothes that will serve many purposes rather than buying on a whim.  It’s a lesson people learn the hard way.  Everyday in our eBay store we sell brand new clothing and other items that were impulse buys.  Most sell for no where near the original price.  Take a moment to think about this post before your next unplanned expenditure! Anddd if this message got to you too late, I’ll sell those unwanted items for you!! (assuming it wasn’t bought at Caldor)

2 Comments on “Dress For Less and Don’t Look Like a Mess!”

  1. i had that same philosophy of quality vs. quantity. we always had one ‘sunday church’ type of dress and one set, maybe 2 of play clothes. i was in catholic school so uniforms…they were probably the best thing we had.
    we did KMart, too. and who needed Nike when you could get something close enough with a fish on it rather than a swoosh??
    now i do shop at Kohl’s cuase it is less and they do have quality items. but for jeans – heck, thrift store works pretty darn well, too! no more spending $154 on a pair of Citizens of Humanity as those wore out faster than any other jeans i have ownded – ever!


  2. I saw Tim yesterday and have to say… he looks incredible! The clothes, the running, the nutrition – fantastic Tim. Keep up the motivation and inspiration!