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Appreciate What You’ve Got!

27 April 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Motivation

It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got

Sheryl Crow has it right in her song “Soak Up The Sun” when she sings the lyrics above.  We get fixated on what we want and forget about all the great things we have.  Tonight, write down 10 things you’re grateful for on an index card.  They don’t have to be the top 10–just write down whatever comes to mind and be specific.  For example, don’t write “my family” but write the name of a family member.  I promise you will immediately feel better after writing them down.  Now carry that card with you in your pocket, wallet, purse or whatever.  Next time you find yourself in a bad mood because you didn’t get something you wanted, look at the card.  If this works for you, why not make 20 cards with 10 things you are grateful for on each and rotate them every day?

Here are the first 10 I thought of:

  • My mom
  • Annie (sister)
  • My dad
  • Max and Dayna (brother and sister-in-law)
  • Women who like artichokes
  • My Blackberry
  • My new running shoes
  • The Rotary Club of Central Bucks
  • The Phillies
  • Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

My list took me less than a minute to create.  Now it’s your turn.  Feel free to share some good ones in the comment section!

One Comment on “Appreciate What You’ve Got!”

  1. Family (oops)
    E-mail chains
    Playoff Hockey
    Women who like video games
    Women who like video games, that also like me
    The Internet
    Pedialyte pops
    Big, HD TVs
    LeBron James