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Where Have I Been?

10 May 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Motivation

I have surprising news. The picture above was photo-shopped by my friend Mark Glidden; I was NOT tasered at the Phillies game last week. I also have some other news that may surprise and shock you: I’m not perfect! Have you noticed there were no blog entries last week?  Where was I? After successfully completing the Broad Street run, I took a week off from being responsible and being accountable to the readers of this blog.  I didn’t do what I said I would do (and inspire you to do, as well): I stopped eating healthy foods and exercising; I didn’t work my plan to increase business, or plan my days.  I have to admit I had a blast, and in some ways I think I needed to decompress, but I made a promise and I plan to keep it. Last week is over and done with, and now it’s time to refocus!

Getting back on track can be a challenge but it’s not as hard as we sometimes make it out to be. I believe the best way to get rebooted is to take ten minutes to plan a few easy action steps that will get your momentum rolling again. Writing this post is my first step! Here is my get-back-on-track plan, which took me less than ten minutes to create:

  • Blog about getting back on track (DONE!)
  • Play basketball while volunteering with teens at a local orphanage tonight (DONE!)
  • Tomorrow morning eat eggs, whole wheat toast and a grapefruit for breakfast and make a healthy lunch to bring to the store
  • As soon as I get to the store, before I check eBay or look at my messages, make five cold calls to local businesses
  • Go to the library at lunch for an hour to plan the rest of my week

I know from experience that these five easy actions will make me feel great about myself and get me back on track. Anyone who has been sliding out of integrity can do the same. After all, NO ONE is perfect (not even Cardboard Timmy).

One Comment on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. i think everyone needs some downtime. then get back to business so to speak once the batteries are recharged! so glad you are back, but glad you were able to goof off for a week and it was not longer :)