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Back With a Vengeance

05 August 2010 | By Tim Lederman in Fitness, Motivation

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to restart this blog for the last month.  The events of this week inspired me to do so.  My dad, Scott,  (pictured above at my sister’s comedy show) is one of the nicest and most loyal human beings I know.  He means the world to me and the rest of my family.  He had been having what he called “indigestion problems” recently, but it wasn’t until he worked out with Paul Dziewisz this Monday that he felt some tightness in his chest.  The two cut the workout short, and Paul took the initiative to text me and let me know that my dad wasn’t feeling well.  Because of Paul’s obvious concern, I insisted that my dad call his doctor, who sent him to the emergency room.  After a day of testing it was found that he had blockages in two main  arteries to his heart.  Thankfully we caught it early. There was no damage to his heart and his doctors predict he will make a full speedy recovery without bypass surgery.  I am convinced that hiring Paul almost two years ago to work out with my exercise-resistant dad saved his life.  I will work on a post with Paul to talk more about what happened and the program my dad was doing–and will be doing once he is back to his regular routine.

A lot has happened in the last two months since I posted.  Rather than writing an essay, I’m posting this summary to explain where I stand in the four major categories this blog covers:

  • Fitness: Been working out with Paul once a week but haven’t been doing much else
  • Nutrition: I could be eating healthier but have been doing an above-average job
  • Planning: Reorganized the store but have not been doing my minimum daily behavior or any planning
  • Marketing:  Have been working with Jill and her partner John.  Just started a new plan that I will discuss further on “Marketing Monday”

In conclusion, business is good and I’ve been working hard but I have not focused on my long-term goals or been responsible for my lack of progress in this area.  I can see how I have squandered the power I first envisioned in using this blog as an accountability barometer in my life.  Looking back, it is obvious that after I achieved my fitness goal of participating in the Broad Street run, my posts deteriorated into stories that were supposed to inspire you to get into action, but I wasn’t in action myself and had nothing to validate the advice I was meting out.

I am declaring in this public forum that I am committed to a new beginning. I will be sharing about my planning steps and the actions I am taking, which I know will lead to inspiration for me and for you as well.  I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals of increasing sales by 25% and having an extra $10,000 to buy a house in December.  I will discuss my new fitness challenge/goals tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who has urged me to get back to this!

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  1. welcome back!!